2 new mini excavators from Develon

Develon has released details of its latest mini-excavators: the DX17Z-7 and the DX19-7B.

It says they deliver enhanced performance, versatility, operator comfort, and easier maintenance compared to their predecessors.

Both models are equipped with the Kubota D902 Stage V-compliant diesel engine, delivering a 20% increase in gross power output to 12.1 kW (16.2 HP) at 2400 RPM.

The engine also boasts a 25% larger displacement and a 29% increase in torque to 54.6 Nm at 1900 RPM.

The minis have a new platform design for increased durability.

Compact dimensions make the DX17Z-7 and DX19-7B suited for work in confined spaces, such as construction, landscaping, and utility projects.

Both models come standard with a 1.75 m boom and a 1.03 m arm, with an optional longer 1.23 m arm available.

The DX17Z-7 includes a 180 kg counterweight as standard, with an additional 85 kg counterweight for the longer arm option.

The tail swing radius has been reduced by 6.5% to 645 mm, or 720 mm with the additional counterweight. The DX19-7B uses a 65 kg cast counterweight in both standard and extended arm versions.

Both models feature protected hydraulic hose layouts and cylinder guards.

Additionally, they come with one- and two-way proportional flow as standard. The flow is controlled via a thumbwheel on the right-hand joystick.

Retractable 230 mm tracks enable the machines to navigate narrow spaces, with track width adjustable from 1290 mm to 994 mm. The foldable blade and adjustable width improve stability and reduce ground pressure during operations.

The DX17Z-7 is available as a canopy machine, while the DX19-7B offers both canopy and cab options.

A new 5-inch digital display replaces the previous gauge panel, providing vital information such as safety warnings and maintenance intervals.

The cab version of the DX19-7B includes a radio and heater and features a fast defrost system, preventing moisture build-up and maintaining clear visibility.

PS Plant Spec Australia advises subscribers that its unique specifications service already contains the full data for the DX19-7B and that those for the DX17Z-7 will be posted as soon as they are available.

The Develon DX17Z-7