Develon DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator claims to be fast operator

Develon has introduced a solution to navigating cramped, congested urban job sites with the DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator.

It says the DX100W-7 combines compactness and agility, and boasts it’s one of the fastest mini excavators around. 

Its cab features low-noise and vibration levels along with all-around visibility, meaning that long days on the job site are more comfortable and productive.

“The new DX100W-7 is the first mini wheel excavator from Develon to be launched in North America and helps our customers take on confined job sites where space is limited,” says Andy Jeong, mini excavator product manager and compact engineer at Develon. 

“It has several features and technologies for excellent performance, efficiency, and high-end comfort. We’re excited to continue expanding our compact equipment line, which now includes the DX100W-7 and DX17Z-7 mini excavators, and, in July, the DTL35 compact track loader.”

The DX100W-7 is equipped with multiple steering, power, and work modes, allowing operators to customise their performance in confined spaces. 

The steering modes include 2-wheel steering, which provides better agility and handling while also delivering increased fuel economy; 4-wheel crab steering, which offers precision and maneuverability in tight spaces without the need to reposition the entire machine; and 4-wheel round steering, which provides a tighter turning radius, increased traction, and control, especially on tough terrain.

The articulated boom and boom swing enhance operation in tight spaces. 

The reinforced, articulated boom features an additional pivot point, improving the working range, lifting capacity, and digging force.

The manufacturer says the DX100W-7 has improved digging and lifting performance while it also has a large hydraulic capacity, enabling it to handle heavy loads while minimising fuel consumption.

For improved control, the standard 1-way/2-way switch lever provides hydraulic flow activated through the joystick, not the pedal. 

One-way hydraulic flow is ideal for attachments such as hydraulic breakers and plate compactors, while two-way hydraulic flow is best for hydraulic thumbs (clamps), rippers, and grapples.

The DX100W-7 is suited for tight spaces, such as roadways and urban environments. 

Its large boom allows operators to reach farther and access hard-to-reach areas, achieve greater digging depth, and handle higher elevations when loading or dumping materials.

A standard hydrostatic system uses hydraulic fluid for responsive operation, providing high torque even at low speeds, enhancing maneuverability and efficiency.

Develon states that the DX100W-7 cab enhances comfort, reduces outside noise, absorbs vibrations, and offers excellent visibility. 

The extra-large, full-length glass door allows easy entry and exit and provides good visibility from inside the cab.

Operators can work efficiently and safely with the parallel dozer blade and independent rear stabilisers. The dozer blade aids in pulling, pushing, and mixing materials, while the rear outriggers add stability and minimise damage to surfaces like asphalt.

Double tyres are standard on the DX100W-7, providing increased traction and agility on rough terrain. 

By distributing weight across multiple tyres, the machine minimises soil compaction while enhancing performance on various terrains, including grass, gravel, and asphalt.

For improved visibility, the DX100W-7 includes a high-illumination LED light system with an additional working lamp. 

The around view monitor camera system with a 270-degree view, equipped with ultrasonic sensors, further improves safety by alerting operators to nearby objects when backing up.

A standard overload warning device protects the machine against excessive wear and tear, warning operators when the excavator is approaching or exceeding its maximum load capacity or safe operating limits, helping to minimise tipping or structural failures.

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Develon has introduced a solution to navigating cramped, congested urban job sites with the DX100W-7 mini wheel excavator.