Full specs posted for Komatsu’s new WA475-10 wheel loader

Komatsu has launched its new 26-tonne wheel loader, the WA475-10, in Australia. 

The manufacturer says that this machine combines power with Komatsu’s bespoke loader technology, offering an efficient and productive solution for quarry and waste site operations.

Komatsu says The WA475-10 has a 30% improvement in fuel efficiency over its predecessor, making it perfect for  hauling and loading tasks.

Nick Vrontas, Komatsu Australia’s National Business Manager, points to its significant upgrades.

“The WA475-10 features Komatsu’s newly developed Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT), an innovative solution that enhances both power and fuel efficiency. 

“Variable speed control allows operators to adjust the machine’s top speed to meet specific site requirements, and adjustable variable traction control limits wheel spin on unstable and slippery ground conditions common in many quarry and waste sites,” Vrontas explained.

“We’ve also completely revamped the power control on this model. It’s easier than ever for operators to balance traction and lifting power, with hydraulic speed independently controlled from the accelerator pedal and boom speed managed by the hydraulic lever.”

The WA475-10’s optimised Z-bar linkage system provides increased lift force and a higher tonnes-per-hour production rate. 

“The WA475-10 engine is Tier 4 compliant, delivering high power and torque even at low engine speeds. 

“Its advanced electronic control system manages airflow rate, fuel injection, combustion parameters, and aftertreatment functions. This ensures optimised performance, reduced emissions, and advanced diagnostic capabilities, making it a powerful yet environmentally friendly machine,” Vrontas said.

Full specifications for the WA475-10 are now available to PS Plant Specs Australia members. To subscribe, click here.

Komatsu has launched its new 26-tonne wheel loader, the WA475-10, in Australia.