31 new 2024 mini excavator models now listed in Plant Specs

16 April 2024

The 2024 edition of PS Plant Specs Australia contains the specs of 31 new mini excavator models among the just over 200 currently available machines in our Classes 0 to 7.5.

Brands with new machines include:

Wacker Neuson (ET08, EZ17e, EZ26-2 Cabin, EZ25 Canopy, EZ36 Cabin, EZ36VDS Cabin, EZ50 Cabin, ET90 Cabin);

Case (CX17D, CX25D, CX42D Canopy, CX58D);

Liugong (9017F ZTS, 9018F, 9027F ZTS, 9035F, 9051F ZTS, 9057F ZTS, 909ECR);

Develon (was Dussan) (DX19Z-7B, DX27Z-7M, DX35Z-7M, DX50Z-7M, DX55Z-7M, DX80R, DX89R-7);

JCB (50Z);

Komatsu (PC78UU-11);

Hitachi (ZX85USB-7);

Kobelco (SK100MSR-7#).

All these specs are also now available on our online database.

They can be accessed through the PS Lookup webapp or annual PS Plant Specs Online membership.

Of course, our online data covers machines going all the way back to 1986.

Komatsu’s PC78UU-11 Photo: the manufacturer