PSlookup: our web App for fast-track specs access

Step into the future of earthmoving and road construction with PSlookup webApp – your one-stop solution for instant, comprehensive specs on all earthmoving equipment and attachments. Designed with precision for industry professionals, this webApp offers a user-friendly experience that makes it an essential tool for the industry.


Instant Access
Get your hands on detailed specs for earthmoving and road construction equipment with just a few clicks.

Huge specs resource
Over 17,000 entries for earthmoving, construction and mass excavation equipment including accessories.

National Supplier Network
Easily connect with suppliers and brand contacts across Australia.

Versatile Search
Find exactly what you need, when you need it. Search by brand, model, equipment type, or individual specifications.

Subscription Flexibility
Choose between monthly or annual access to fit your needs and budget.

Competitive Pricing
Designed to be affordable for a broad audience, from small firms to large enterprises.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your efficiency and knowledge.

Use on any device
Accessible on mobile phone, touchscreen tablet, laptop or PC.

What is the difference between PSlookup and a PSOnline subscription?
PSlookup accesses the same database of earthmoving equipment specifications and is designed for on-the-go, quick access to individual machines as well as comparing the specs of a range of similar models.
PSOnline on the other hand, allows the downloading of all the specs of selected models in spreadsheet form, in order to undertake more sophisticated analysis.

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