43 new specs for hydraulic hammers listed for 2024

Three hammer makers led the way with specifications for new models in the latest edition of PS Plant Specs Australia 24.

They were Rammer with (in operating weight order) the E01, E02, R01P, R02P, E04, R03P, 555E SCALER, 555E HEAVY DUTY, R04P, R05P, 777E SCALER, 777E HEAVY DUTY, R07P, 999E SCALER, 999E HEAVY DUTY, R10P, R12P, 1322E, 1533E, R16P, R18P, 2155E, R25P, R35P and R45P.

Everdigm came in with the second highest number of new hydraulic hammers. They were (in operating weight order) the EH02-BA, EH03-BA, EH04-BA, EH05-BA, EH06-BA, EH10-BA and EH13-BA.

General Breakers have registered new specs for their GBM180L model.

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Rammer’s 999E specs now online.