All new-for-24 excavator specs now up on PS Online

Medium-to-large excavator specs, including rubber-tyred and face shovel machines, are now available to subscribers on PS Plant Specs’ unique database.

The main story is Develon which has numerous additions to the range after the recent rebranding from Doosan. See full specs for Develons, DX140LC#, DX140LCR#, DX180LCN, DX225LC-7M, DX300LC-7M, DX400LC-7M, DX490LC-7M. These models cover our exclusive excavator classifications 10 to 50. (See the mini Develons in our separate story.)

Volvo is also well represented by new models: EC300EH, EC350EL, EC550EL covering classes 30 to 50.

There are also new offerings from Caterpillar (313GC, class 10) and Hitachi (ZX345USLC-7, class 30).

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The Develon DX490LC-7M