Hitachi says its ZW310-7 wheel loader now in stock

The 24494kg loader is part of the ZW-7 series and includes several features designed to increase operator comfort, which Hitachi says, improves productivity.

“Operator comfort was a key design priority with our new wheel loaders series,” said Matt Koester, wheel loader product manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

The ZW310-7 loader reduces operator fatigue and provide a pressurised, quieter cab and integrated console for easier-to-reach, seat-mounted controls.

It has an 8-inch LCD monitor and the menu can be navigated quickly.

In addition, the ZW310-7 has approach speed control, which gives the operator access to the top speed selected during loading for faster and more efficient operations.

With a payload checker, the new machine allows the operator to weigh and log material moved. This enables trucks to be loaded more accurately, and the system on the loader will warn operators when the bucket is overloaded.

Additional updated features include improved traction with a limited-slip differential and a four-speed powershift transmission and lockup torque converter.

The ZW310-7 loader also has an auto power-up feature that will automatically increase rpms while traveling uphill to prevent engine speed from dropping.

Hitachi says these new features lead to less operator fatigue and more efficient operation.

Full specifications are available on PSLookup, PS Plant Specs Online and in the 2024 hard copy edition.

The ZW310-7 wheel loader now in stock.