Long-boom Volvo L180 loader launches in US

Volvo has introduced the L180 3-Pass Rehandler wheel loader, a specialised variant of its L180H model in the US. With input from quarry and aggregate customers, Volvo promises that this new iteration will increase loading efficiency.

Eric Yeomans, Volvo CE’s product manager for wheel loaders stated, “We’ve had this concept in mind for several years, driven from conversations with our quarry and aggregate customers.

“The new L180 3-Pass Rehandler will take operators to the next level of loading efficiency. It’s exciting to introduce this game-changer to the market and see the response.”

Volvo says the innovations of the machine lie in its design modifications. Larger 875/65 R29 tires, typically specified for Volvo’s larger L220 and L260 models, provide superior lateral traction, flotation, and durability. These tires ensure a stable and comfortable ride as well as contributing to enhanced fuel usage.

The addition of a long boom and rehandling counterweight enhances the machine’s capabilities for rehandling applications. The longer boom provides increased breakout force and dump clearance, while also allowing operators to maintain a safer distance from the truck during loading.

Yeomans emphasised the importance of this feature. “The worst thing you can have is the load sitting toward one side of the truck, because when you drive around a corner you run the risk of the material spilling out.”

The rehandling counterweight enables the use of larger buckets tailored to different material densities. This versatility allows operators to maximise productivity and fuel efficiency by completing loading tasks in fewer passes.

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Volvo L180 3-Pass Rehandler wheel loader